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Archive for October, 2011

25 Greatest Players in Boston Red Sox History

Considering the state of the current Boston Red Sox,  reflecting on the team’s history sounds like an intriguing proposition.  Here is an article that looks back in history from Bleacher Report , glad to be part of it all!

That’s The Way It Is In The World of Sports

I’m still in shock over the collapse of the Red Sox in the month of September which, of course, prevented them from winning the Wild Card race and getting into the playoffs. They weren’t supposed to lose to the Orioles, a last place ball club, and the Rays should not have won their game against the Yankees after being down by seven runs. The problem is it did happen and because of it heads rolled in the aftermath with Terry Francona being the first victim and Theo Epstein looking like he’s next on the list. Epstein will, most likely, be the next President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs. Terry Francona should have no problem getting a managerial job with another team by World Series time but it still has to hurt, big time.

That’s the way it is in the World of Sports, especially when the expectations are so high as it was this year for the Red Sox. Nowadays managers are fired even when their team plays over five hundred baseball. In some cases it happens the year after a team has won the World Series. It’s big business and when the players don’t see eye to eye with their manager, guess who gets the axe? General Managers are in the same boat. If they make enough bad move either in the free-agent market or trades they get the axe too. It’s the same in all sports.

There seems to be a lot more speculation now than a week or so ago. If it’s true that the players were drinking in the clubhouse before, during or after games I think they should be held accountable for their actions. It tells you how irresponsible they were and thought nothing about the fans, their manager and the owners and themselves. Whoever he, or they were, should be disciplined by either a very large fine or be suspended for at least a week without pay next season.

There’s no way you drink in the clubhouse. It’s a rule and, like taking steroids, players should be held responsible. When Francona said he lost the players, the drinking had to be the main reason, but the other is because a number of players stopped working on staying in shape. This includes the weight-lifting regiment they go through every day whether on the road or at home. They ran out of gas in September because of their stupidity and arrogance.

Ownership should tell the media and the fans why they fired Francona and why they’re allowing Theo Epstein to leave. In recent interviews they’ve been skirting around the questions that everyone wants answers to, and to be honest about them. I guess we’ll eventually find out what the exact reason was for making these bold moves.

Meanwhile, Theo and Terry will be remembered and admired as the men who led the Boston Red Sox to their first World Series Championship in 86 years. It was a tremendous achievement and a welcomed one for a championship-starved city who embraced them lovingly and respectfully. It’s too bad it had to end like this… but that’s the way it is in the World of Sports.