Find some way to keep him healthy and you’ll finally have an ace on this pitching staff this year. No it’s not Josh Beckett or John Lester. It’s Clay Buchholz who pitched a terrific game last night at Fenway Park. He faced a very good Detroit Tigers lineup and kept them off balance all evening with an outstanding changeup and curveball that went along with a tailing fastball that had good movement into the eighth inning. It looked like it might be a tough outing for him when he gave up a solo home run to the Tigers centerfielder Austin Jackson early on. He settled down, though, and got good run support from his offense as they came back and scored two to give him the lead. You have to love the way he’s been going right after the hitters. Kind of like Josh Beckett used to be. His command was right on once again and although he gave up two more runs he kept the Tiger offense from having big innings by getting out of jams with men in scoring position. The Red Sox offense scored two in the sixth, one in the seventh and two more in the eighth which came from a two run home run by Will Middlebrooks that clinched it for Buchholz and the Sox.

With Felix Doubrant and Buchholz pitching well and if Josh Beckett and John Lester can get it going once again then there’s a real chance the Red Sox can get into the playoffs this year. The bullpen, overall, has done a very good job and if the starters can go deep into games, at least seven innings, then the next two months can be very exciting for Red Sox Nation.  Big Papi’s return will certainly help the offense and Dustin Pedroia, who hit a two run homer last night and had an additional RBI on a ground ball, can continue to hit this team just may come together. There are a lot of ifs here but there’s still a lot of time to win a wild card spot.

We’ll see what this team is made of in September when they’ll continually be reminded of last year’s collapse and what team do you think the Sox finish the regular in September with? You probably guessed it, three games against the Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore. What an opportunity for payback. That is, of course if they’re in the hunt. Stay tuned for what can be a very interesting two months of baseball but for the sox to win then Beckett and Lester have to be the catalysts for this pitching staff. Now is the time for both of them to focus on the here and now and no longer on the past. If they don’t it’ll be a long winter for both of them and for the Nation.

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