Be Sure It’s Authentic


In this day and age of identity theft and counterfeiting we all have to be sure any memorabilia item we buy is authentic. I see websites on the internet that sell signed items by famous athletes both past and present that is supposed to be authentic, but how do we know if they really are? Is the letter of authenticity real or is it a fake.  Is that really the athletes autograph or did someone copy it from another source?

That’s why I decided to sell my memorabilia on this website. You will know it’s authentic because you will be able to get in touch with me by phone or e-mail after receiving the item to ensure that I signed it personally. You will also receive a letter of authenticity so that you can compare signatures with the signed item. And if you are not satisfied with the item I will refund your cost in full.

 I have an assortment of items for you to choose from such as: 

$125.00 plus s/h

  • This is the model bat that Rico Petrocelli hit 40 home runs with in 1969 that broke the American League home run record for shortstops. The “U1″ model has no knob and a large barrel. The branded autograph on the barrel is authentic and was produced in 1965. The original bat is on display at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. You can buy the same model signed personally by Rico or his signature alone. This bat would be a perfect addition to your memorabilia collection. A letter of authenticity is included with your purchase.    

  • Autographed Major League Baseball

  • 8×10 autographed photo signed personally

  • Red Sox Helmets

  • Additional Items will be posted on this website

Contact me directly for more information :

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