The 2012 New York Yankees seem to take their nickname, “the Bombers” very seriously. They are a homerun hitting bunch of cyborgs that keep belting the long ball, especially at Yankee Stadium. Last night against the Red Sox they would have made even the “Babe” proud. A two run home run by Raul Ibanez in the first, another two run shot by catcher Russell Martin in the fourth, and last but not least, a grand slam off the bat of Curtis Granderson in the eighth. Their newest addition from Seattle, Ichiro, must have been impressed. It’s probably more home runs than his old team hit in a whole month of games.

The Red Sox hit three homers themselves. They were all solo shots but it kept them in the game. The first one came in the first inning by Pedroia, the next one in the third inning from Carl Crawford, which was an upper-deck shot to right, and finally one by Saltalamacchia to left field in the fourth. The Sox spattered a few more hits throughout the game but could not get a rally going.

Aaron Cook had nothing. He performed like a batting machine throwing pitch after pitch down the middle and the Yankees hitters took advantage of his mistakes. He seems to be better off in the bullpen. Mark Melancon pitched the eighth and gave up the grand slam to Granderson.

When you watched both teams from a personnel stand point the Yankees are clearly the superior team. Their line-up is very deep with talent. They have hitters who not only have power but are tough outs in the clutch. Players like Ibanez, Granderson, Swisher, Texeira, Cano, Jeter and Chavez at third for A-Rod. Their pitching overall is not great but they do have an ace in Sabbathia, depth and a good closer.

The Red Sox just don’t seem to be able to come up with big hits often enough. Oh sure, at Fenway they’ll have a number of high scoring games but they don’t do it enough to run up a long winning streak. Can this team win 8-10 games in a row? Mike Aviles is not swinging the bat well since before the All-Star break. The starters have struggled all year and the defense has been adequate. David Ortiz will help offensively when he returns to the lineup but it may not be enough to get into the playoffs.

With the trading deadline just a few days away it doesn’t look like the Sox are going to pull off a big trade. Many fans I talk with want to see Beckett go but it won’t be easy because of his salary and his questionable health. There’s talk that his shoulder and thumb are hurting but it could be just hearsay. Putting Nava or Kalish in a deal plus prospects may get a decent pitcher or position player but all the teams in contention want healthy pitching. What team would take Beckett? You think maybe the Houston Astros or the Texas Rangers?  Come on “Cowboy Up.”

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